Our Mission

Our Missions

Sugar or Salt seeks to give back to our local community. As a company we donate purses to women in transitional housing. Inside of those purses will place notes of encouragement and notes of hope along with feminine products.  Often times women in about their needs being met Therefore as a company we recognize this need and seek to close the gap  in our community. This mission is called the PAP program. Which stands for “Pick A Purse.”  In the near future we hope to partner with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to assist women in transitional housing get the yearly mammogram check-ups, and other annual medical exams. Early detection is key to better quality of life.

Because we are on fire for our community we also do not want to forget about our future generation. Our future is our young people. We are actively seeking a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County- to educate todays’ youth on entrepreneurship. How they can make a difference in this world. Educate them on how to give back in the community and how they can build a legacy through passion and determination.

Feel free to inquire about our missions. We would love for you and / or your company to partner with us. Please send an inquiries to admin@sugarorsaltlounge.com

You can find more information on our passion toward our missions in this tab on our website and across all social media platforms.