About Us

Sugar Or Salt, Daiquiri Lounge is not a place to go it is an experience to be had! We sell daiquiris with a sugar rim or a salted rim, tasty bites, live music- and atmosphere! It is our goal to set the bar above excellence; both in presentation and service.

Sugar Or Salt, is the question that you will be asked often while dining here. Not, only is it one of our ingredients, it is our mantra. Being asked Sugar Or Salt, upon entering the doors of this establishment can set the mood for the rest of your evening.

Sugar Or Salt, is more than an evening out. It is a cozy place nestled in the heart of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Sugar or Salt, is not a nightclub, a hookah bar, nor a smoking lounge. It is an experience to beheld. The market for daiquiri lounges in this area of Oklahoma City is almost scarce. Sure you can buy a daiquiri from a local restaurant. But, when it comes to Sugar Or Salt, that is our speciality! It will quickly become the place to go to for live local entertainment or other special events.

We promote and encourage other Black businesses in the area as well as in the state. We are excited to grow here and build here. We are happy you stopped by our website. Please stay a while and  thanks for stopping by…